Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 8 - More Pictures

Day 8 is officially over. Well, the workout part at least. I'm looking forward to switching to Level 2, mostly because I'm beginning to get bored with these exercises. Level 1 isn't too easy, I'm just ready for something else. I may switch tomorrow and then alternate between 1 and 2 for a while - where the heck did I get the notion I had to wait 10 days, anyway?

Today I managed to once again squeeze out 10 real pushups the first set and 3.5 the second set, failing completely both times. At least I was able to switch to modified ones (both sets). I'm happy that it was as good as yesterday. I'm still really having trouble keeping up with the shoulder exercises, but at least I'm only having to drop the weights for a couple of reps. And the burn does feel good. Abs...well, I've definitely noticed a big difference in how it feels now that I'm working on exhaling during the crunches.

So I'm posting more pictures today (comparing to day 1 again) because (a) Kristen has a contest, and (b) I saw she took back pictures and realized that was a good idea. Sideways is probably a good idea too. So I'll recompare the front and then add the back and side so I can compare again next week.

Day 1:

Day 8:

Alas, hardly the difference I feel inside. Oh well.

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  1. you are totally toning up in the tummy! i can see the difference! that's awesome!
    and i'm just like you.... while the workout is still hard, it's BORING! i had to switch to level 2 after 3 days cause i was OVER level 1. i think that after awhile i'll probably do 2 of the excercises in one.. hahaha.. i'm probably dreaming, but i think i just get bored doing the same thing everyday. even if the workout is intense and difficult, it just becomes mundane.