Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 6 - Weekend Underwear

So I'm on Day 6 of "The Anita Show", er, I mean "30 Day Shred," and I decided to follow some of Kristen's advice on form. Well, on almost everything. I've replaced butt kicks with jumping jacks because of my knees...oh well. It's still good. Oh, and I added some more shoulder stretching at the end. They don't do nearly enough. But I'm still motivated, still working hard during each session, and definitely noticing some things getting easier! Except for shoulders. How can my shoulders and arms be so weak? I'll never impress Anita that way. *laugh* Although at least I did some real pushups today before modifying them.

After my workout yesterday I was thinking about weight loss and toning up, and remembered something from a long time ago on Oprah. I swear I was watching it with Sharon. Really! Anyway, this was some time ago, before Oprah became the "I Love To Talk About Myself" show, and she was discussing weight loss. I know, it's shocking, right? Anyway, one of her viewers had a tip that stuck with me. In essence, it was "Don't save your weekend underwear for the weekend."

I may have misremembered the exact quote, but her point was that you need to dress a little sexier in order to feel better about yourself, especially when losing weight. And I've lost weight enough times (*sigh*) to know that it's true. Regardless of whether you choose to wear sexy underwear, sexier clothing, or just clothing that fits correctly, it's important to feel good about yourself. I mean, hello! We're losing weight, getting smaller, and toning up...why do we wear the same frumpy crap we started out with? I end up wearing pants that are too big with an oversized shirt day after day. The only reason it's not frumpy sweats is because there's no pocket for my wallet. Why do I do that to myself?

So because we are having a little spring-ish weather today, I pulled out some shorts I bought when I had hopes of losing weight last spring. They were way too small a year ago, but today they not only fit, but were a little big. Hooray for me! And when I put a shirt on that fit correctly, I felt a lot better (dare I say, sexier?) than when I wear baggy stuff. Amazing.

So while you're losing weight, toning up, or whatever, make sure you take some time to dress more carefully and feel nicer too. It's totally worth it. Even with kids who get you up every morning too early, and who drive you insane. Not that mine would do that.

Oh, and never-you-mind about my underwear. Pervert. ;)

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