Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 11 - The Scale is a Harsh Mistress

Stupid scale. At Weight Watchers this morning I was down 1.2, which ordinarily would be fantastic, but since it's less than I gained last week I'm pissed at myself. *sigh* (I know, complaining about a loss is annoying, and I hate when people do it too...but I can't help wanting more!) Oh well. To make up for it I showed Jillian and Crew who the boss was.

Okay, it turned out that gravity was the boss, I'm weak, and I was the one punished. In particular, my wrists got punished. They were a little sore going into the workout, and I realized that the planks are killing them. Not muscle-wise, but in a carpal-tunnel-type way. Not good. So tomorrow I'm going to do Level 1 again. Partially because of my wrists, and partially because I want to mix things up for my body. Maybe a couple days of 2, a couple of 1. I'll see how it goes.

I'm also tracking my points (Weight Watchers) this week. I'd been doing the core plan (from the last program they did) and it was working great until I started exercising, but I think I'm now undereating. And the core plan is a little confusing (for me) to do when you add exercise. So we'll see what happens with the points. I'd better be victorious at the scale next Saturday or I'm going to start crying. *laugh*

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  1. Keep at it! Tack the kids to your back and just hike all day. I have never been to a weight watchers meeting though. I'm not that fat, but I am sure it would help. I'm a size 12 who wants to be a size 8 or something to give you perspective.