Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 13 - This had better be working

Wow, Day 13 is finished. I went back to L2 and it felt good. My wrists were fine, so as long as they don't stiffen up I'll do L2 again tomorrow. Yesterday and today I implemented the "bathroom break" rule. If I have to stop to go to the bathroom, I have to start again at the beginning. Both days I ended up doing the warmup twice. Stupid jumping jacks and small bladder.

I'm at that weird point of exercise (there's a similar point during weight loss, which thankfully I've passed) where I feel like I should be seeing results but I'm not. I'm sure it's doing something, but I still have a long way to go and in my mind's eye I still see the pre-working out me. Heck, I alternate between seeing me 40 pounds ago and me 100 pounds ago. At this point I'm not even really trusting pictures of myself. I mean, I see what I look like, but all I see is the fat. Every time I get to this point I can understand what people with eating disorders feel. Fortunately I don't feel it to anywhere NEAR that extreme, but I know how a skinny person could only see the flab.

Anyway, at least I'm feeling good and I'm still motivated, and that's really thanks to the shredheads. I sure hope Kristen and the gang keep going with something after the 30 days is up!

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