Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 19 - Time to make the doughnuts

Ugh. This morning was a slow wakeup, and I barely made it out of bed to shred. At this point I'm glad I did, but I ended up doing a little extra warmup on my own before starting the DVD because I was worried I was going to hurt myself. *laugh*

I did Level 2 today...I figure I'll try Level 3 tomorrow or the next day, so I'll push through Level 2 these last couple of days. Once again, it seems twice as fast as L1. I did a lot better with all the plank stuff. I didn't have to drop out of the plank moves (I did modified mountain climbers and plank jacks) until the abs at the end. And then it's partly because I can't get my body to move the way they do, and I only feel it in my shoulders. So I went into bicycles instead. My abs hurt. Tomorrow's picture day, and I sure hope I see a difference!

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