Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 20 - A picture is worth 1000 calories

Well, here are the long awaited Day 20 pictures (along with Day 8 and 1). Okay, it's not the pictures that were long awaited, it was reaching Day 20 without dying!

Now I'll admit, while it's not as impressive as I'd hoped, I can see a difference. There's no longer quite as much muffin top as before, and if I squint just right there's a little more ab definition. And by "a little more" I mean "some." I wish my abs looked like they felt, because it feels like I should have Anita's abs by now. Oh well. At least I can tell it won't be embarrassing to go to the pool with the kids this year.

I also wish that I'd taken pictures of my legs along the way because my quads are beginning to rip up (they've always been the easiest thing in my body to get defined). I can definitely feel the difference there. Oh well, I guess I know good things are happening, and that's what's important, right? It would just be nice to see better photographic evidence. Maybe by day 30. or 60. or 120? Ack!

Oh, the pushup report (I did L1) was 19 real ones (and no modified) the first set, 7 real ones the second set (followed by modified). A new record!

Anyway, for you squeamish viewers, you may want to avert your eyes right...about...NOW!

Day 1, in all my glory:

Day 8, a little better:

Today, Day 20 (not quite Brad Pitt, but better than John Goodman...and an external flash never hurts either!):

(edit, added day 20 leg pics...do you know how hard it is to take a flattering picture of your own leg?)


  1. you can definitely see the improvements so keep up the hard work!!! i haven't been doing the shred myself for very long (today will be my 4th day) but i do love how strong it makes me feel & that definitely just helps me stay motivated about my other cardio during the day (brisk walking for 40 min. to an hour) and my diet!

  2. Dude, awesome progress all round. Am only on Day 7 but notice a skirt of mine is fitting better, although still have a ploughmans loaf rather than muffin top.

    It's killing my knees I must say and the weird twistie things she does on Level 2 have seen me strain something around my mid-section. Noice.

    Anyway, KEEP GOING!