Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 23 - Still Motivated

Wow, Day 23. The last time I was this motivated to work out was in Phoenix during my master's degree (1992-1993). I ended up losing 90 pounds and my legs were rocks from all the mountain hiking/running we did. I would LOVE to get my legs in that kind of shape again. At least with these workouts I can feel them getting better. Maybe one day soon. I was SO motivated back then it was crazy.

I'm bordering on that kind of motivation again, although my body isn't able to handle the abuse it once did. Particularly my knees. I can hear them creaking and grinding (literally, I can hear them) during a lot of the exercises so I have to take it easy. A few of them, like the rock star jump things, are just not going to happen. So I substitute things like jumprope and assume it's good enough. Better than going downstairs and eating, right?

Today was a 2-workout day. I did shred this morning EARLY, and Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism this afternoon. It really is motivating now that I can feel my body getting thinner. I was walking around the store today pulling my gut in (like they tell you to do in ab workouts) and for the first time in a long time I felt a lack of gut. I still have one, but it felt really good the way my clothes were fitting. That was the best feeling I've had in a long time.

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