Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 2

Wow. I'm not as shaky as I was yesterday after working out, but I'm definitely tired and I was weaker today than I was yesterday. I have a feeling I'll REALLY start feeling it in a couple of days. I'm in that weird first-phase place where my muscles are too confused to really put up a fight.

Hopefully tomorrow and the weekend go okay. My schedule is going to be messed up, and I'll have to work out while Sharon is home. That'll be nice, because she can watch the kids, but it's going to be strange because I can barely do a workout video in front of myself, much less in front of someone else.

Oh, and I've decided I need a man-ssiere (or a "bro", depending on who's product it would be). Plus I need one for my gut. It flops around a lot during the jumping jacks too. *ugh*

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