Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 12 - Children are cruel

This morning before my workout I was looking through pictures with Ellie (4) and Matthew (2). We were just flipping through my digital photo folder, and we came across some of my Day 8 pictures. Ellie's reaction when she saw the first one?

"Eew, what's that?!?"

Uh, yeah. Well, time to work out, I guess.

I dropped back to L1 today because my wrists were in such bad shape yesterday during L2. my knees hurt. I'm a wreck! At least I can modify the exercises a bit to help my knees. The workout was good, and I'm definitely feeling it. Especially in my shoulders. How on earth can they be so weak? I guess my "fork to mouth" workout wasn't doing what I'd hoped.

On the good side, I managed 11 real pushups the first set and 4 the second, which is 1 better each time. On the super good side, my abs are definitely getting stronger. I made it through all the ab work much better than I have before, and feel like (gasp) it might not be enough. Certainly this workout is all that Anita does, right? Yeah, okay. I noticed there's some ab stuff on our On Demand, so maybe I'll add some in soon. For now I just want to keep up with the shred.

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