Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 4 - Stupid Scale

Stupid Weight Watchers claims I gained 1.4 this week. Crap. I was good last week. Well, okay, I was pretty good last week. :(

To make up for it I punished myself - okay, I punished the floor beneath my out of shape self - with what seemed to be an extra difficult 20 minutes (of the 30 Day Shred, of course). I can't figure out why it seemed harder. Maybe it was that I bought hand weights to use instead of the workout bands I'd been using. They're lighter, but I didn't have to drop them partway through. Well, maybe a little bit for the shoulders. *laugh*

Unfortunately, I'm still stuck doing the "girlie" pushups. While it means I can follow my new love Anita (hellllllooooo, abs...what? Oh hi Sharon...hee hee...uh, nothing!), I feel like a super-wuss. And I can tell it'll be a while before I graduate to the "real" ones. Oh well, as long as it burns, right?

Okay, I stopped sweating so I'd better jump in the shower before Sharon and the kids wake up.

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