Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 17 - Down 2 pounds!

Yeah, today was a good one at Weight Watchers...I'm down 2 pounds since last week! I didn't quite make the 40 pounds I wanted to, but I won't turn down the 2 pounds. :)

I didn't end up shredding until after lunch today. As much as getting up early sucks, I do tend to prefer working out in the morning. It gets it over with, and it also gives me the option to work out again in the afternoon if I feel fat. *laugh*

Today's workout was Level 2, and felt pretty good. Much like most other days, it doesn't seem to work me out as well as Level 1 does. My muscles are just as tired, but I think there's some "wasted" time in there. Like during the walking plank things, the time spend walking out doesn't seem to do much for me. And then some of the other plank things wear my shoulders out before beginning to give me any cardio benefit. So it seems like more of a muscle workout rather than a cardio. So be it. I may do L1 tomorrow. We'll see.

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